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Lake Mary Lip Augmentation
(Lip Filler Injections)

Lake Mary Plastic Surgery

 Lip augmentation creates fuller, plumper lips and reduces fine wrinkles around the mouth. Lip injections may be with hyaluronic acid products or with fat transferred from another site in the patient’s body. Both hyaluronic acid products and fat can eventually be absorbed and repeat treatments are sometimes necessary to maintain results.

 Lip augmentation is performed so that aging lips can be rejuvenated and less full lips can be enhanced.

 During your consultation in our Lake Mary office, Dr. Shoukas will help you choose the correct product to achieve your desired results. 

Options for lip filler injections:

 Some of the most popular soft tissue fillers for the lips include, but are not limited to, the following injectables: BotoxRestylane, and Juvederm™.

 Autologous fat transfer plumps up your lips using fat taken from other sites on your body. Fat transfer to the lips is a safe, natural, non-allergenic procedure to restore beautiful, full lips.


 After Dr. Shoukas performs lip augmentation with one of the injectable products, your lips remain swollen for a few hours. You may return to normal activities the same day. Touch-up treatments may be necessary.

 After lip augmentation, your lips have a softer, more youthful look.

Treatments are performed in our Lake Mary Plastic Surgery office by Dr. James Shoukas.

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