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Introducing the revolutionary TNS line of products from SkinMedica. 

As we age, our bodies become less efficient in repairing skin damage…. 

Over time constant damage and incomplete repair lead to photoaging with reduction in collagen, loss of skin elasticity and wrinkle and line formation with pigmentary changes. 

TNS (Tissue Nutrient Solution) is the solution that dermal fibroblasts produce when cultured. It is rich is human growth factors, soluble collagen, antioxidants, and matrix proteins. 

Clinical studies demonstrate reversal of photodamage and improvement in fine lines and wrinkles.

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§  Vitamin C+E Complex: Works to help prevent free radical damage. The silicone suspension system prevents oxidation and delivers vitamins C and E to skin throughout the day. Improves the appearance of skin tone, texture and firmness.

§  Facial Cleanser: Thoroughly removes environmental pollutants, excess oil and makeup. Hydrates and refreshes skin while also helping skin prep for better absorption of products. 

§  GlyPro Exfoliating Cleanser: Exfoliating Facial Cleanser includes our powerful glycolic compound and gently sloughs off the top layer of skin to reveal fresh, new skin. 

§  Rejuvenation Moisturizer: Helps prevent free radical damage and supports skin’s moisture barrier to improve the appearance of skin. Nourishes and rehydrates skin. 

§  Environmental Defense Sunscreen SPF 50+: Water resistant for up to 8- minutes. Provides long-lasting UV protection and antioxidants help prevent free radical damage. Includes UV ProPlex which improves performance by effecting a more uniform distribution of UV filters on the skin.

§  HA Factor 5 Rejuvenating Hydrator: Introducing a new chapter in skin hydration, HA5 supports the skin’s ability to replenish its own HA for overall skin health. HA5 has a proprietary mix of five HA forms that smooth the skin, thereby decreasing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The 5 HA’s work synergistically provide immediate smoothing and continuous hydration through the day.

§  AHA/BHA Exfoliation Cleanser: This elegantly formulated exfoliating cleanser gently scrubs away dead skin, improving the appearance of skin tone and texture.


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